Who Is Lee Soo-man Girlfriend Now? Check out His Net Worth 2021

Lee Soo-man net worth

The founder of SM Entertainment, a global South Korean entertainment firm based in Seoul, Lee Soo-man is said to have given his alleged reporter girlfriend a beautiful apartment worth 5 billion won ($4.3 million). 

According to Chosun, Lee Soon-man, provided the apartment to the reporter from a well-known American TV news organization. The apartment is in Sangji Caelum’s Ritzvil in Cheongdam, Gangnam, and is defined as a luxury villa with a total space of 196.42 square meters. 

A representative from SM Entertainment informed Chosun about the expensive apartment, 

This is completely unrelated to SM. We can’t confirm it.

In July 2015, Lee Soo-man paid 3.89 billion won ($3.38 million) for the apartment. With an 18.73 percent ownership in SM Entertainment, he is the company’s largest stakeholder. 

Lee Soo-man Quick Facts 

Full Name  Lee Soo-man
Birthdate  June 18, 1952
Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
Age  69 years old 
Height  N/A
Nationality  Korean 
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Profession Record executive, record producer
Married / Wife  Late Kim Eun-jin
Net Worth  $3 million dollars

Who Is Lee Soo-man? Wiki, Biography 

Record executive and producer from South Korea, Lee Soo-man is best known for founding SM Entertainment. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, he attended Seoul National University on and off between 1971 and 1979.

Lee Soo-man age
The founder of SM Entertainment Lee Soo-man

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In 1972, he made his singing debut and became known for hit songs like “(Happiness)” and “(A Piece of Dream).” During this time, he worked as a radio DJ and a TV host in addition to his musical career and university studies. 

Mr. Lee decided to leave the entertainment industry in the early 1980s to pursue a career in computer engineering. He moved abroad to pursue a master’s degree at California State University, where he saw “superstars of the MTV generation” like as Michael Jackson emerge to prominence. 

Mr. Lee was inspired by MTV’s heyday in the United States and set out to establish the groundwork for the present Korean pop music industry. 

Who Is Lee Soo-man Girlfriend? Relationship Updates!

The claimed reporter girlfriend of South Korean record entrepreneur Lee Soo Man, to whom he just gifted a fancy condominium, is in her 50s. She works for the US broadcasting company’s Seoul branch, which covers the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. 

She’s also the author of a book and recently organized an event with Lee Soo-man. On her social media sites, she has talked about SM Entertainment artists. Chosun was told by a source familiar with the two’s relationship that, 

I know that the executive producer has been dating [the reporter] for a long time after he lost his wife a long time ago.

Now, netizens are hearing reports that this “reporter girlfriend” is aespa member Giselle’s aunt, which is swiftly spreading across online groups. The identity of Giselle’s aunt is well-known among aespa fans, as she is a well-known public figure in the United States. Giselle’s aunt has frequently expressed her support for aespa on social media. 

Other than that, Kim Eun-jin, Lee Soo man’s wife died on September 30, 2014, after a long battle with cancer. He met his late wife while pursuing his Master’s degree at a California university. 

Lee Soo-man Children 

Mr. Lee’s oldest son John Hyunkyu Lee is currently working as a lyricist for SM, according to the editor of Channel A’s talk show “Heard it Through the Grapevine.” EXO’s “Let Out the Beast” and Girls’ Generation’s “Hoot” are among his masterpieces. Mr. Kang also said, 

His son also made headlines when he followed Lee to a Stanford University speech for translation,

Besides, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo-man is the Paternal uncle of one of the members of the famed SM group Girls’ Generation, Sunny. 

How Old Is Lee Soo-man? Age, Birthday

Born in the year 1952, record executive and producer Lee Soo-man age is 69. He celebrates his birthday every year on the 18th of June. 

How Tall Is Lee Soo-man? Height, Weight

At present, South Korean Record executive Lee Soo-man stands at a tall height which might be over five feet. Considering his build, he might be over 6 feet. As for his weight, he might be over 60 kg. 

Lee Soo-man Instagram 

It looks like South Korean record executive Lee Soo-man is not active on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even if he is we could not trace his account at the moment. But we will try to update it as soon as possible. 

Lee Soo-man Net Worth 2021

Record Executive and Producer, Lee Soo-man is well-known for founding SM Entertainment, a multibillion-dollar South Korean entertainment conglomerate headquartered in Seoul. 

Lee Soo-man net worth
SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo-man (left) with his oldest son (right)

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Before founding SM Studio (SM Entertainment) in 1989, Lee Soo Man worked as a singer, DJ, and TV host. He based his business on the emerging pop culture of the United States. S.E.S., Shinhwa, H.O.T., Boa, Super Junior, TVXQ, and many others have all been managed by SM Entertainment! Until 2018, Lee Soo Man was the owner of nearly $145 million in stocks! As of 2021, the founder of SM entertainment Lee Soo-man net worth is estimated to be over $3 million dollars. 

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