Webinar: 4 nonprofit forms you need to level up now

When it comes to fundraising and donations, your nonprofit undoubtedly relies on forms. But you’re likely using forms in other areas of your organization as well, for things like volunteer applications, event RSVPs, expense approvals, and more. Are your forms maximized to receive the most donations, easily gather responses, and simplify your staff’s workflows?

In “4 nonprofit forms you need to level up now” we give you the tools to help you convert to your full potential. We cover four of the most common forms that nonprofits use and give you easy tricks to improve them, getting you

  • More signups
  • Faster RSVPs
  • Better organization management
  • And, most importantly, more donations

This session features a before and after view of each of these forms, as well as general best practices to keep in mind when you’re building forms of any kind. Watch it below!

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