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Tom Boyden Instagram

The YouTube duo Tom Boyden and Jon Call a.k.a. Jujimufu amassed millions of followers over the years, but as of March 2021, it appears that they are no longer working together. Until recently, the two were regarded as the best of friends.

Jujimufu’s 2016 ‘full chair split workout routine’ was one of their most popular YouTube videos. 

On March 19th, 2021, Jujimufu posted a video on YouTube explaining that he and Tom had “parted ways.” Jujimufu responded to the question of why Tom and Juji haven’t been posting many videos lately by saying:

I have decided to part ways with Tom. I have not come to this decision hastily or lightly. Continued collaboration with Tom is no longer possible.

Juji and Tom may no longer be able to collaborate due to legal or financial issues, according to a Twitter user, but these allegations have yet to be verified, and neither Juji nor Tom have provided any details on why they have split up. Tom and Juji have gone their separate ways for unknown reasons, but both have said that they will now be making videos on their own. 

Tom Boyden Quick Facts 

Full Name Tom Boyden
Birthdate 1988/89
Birthplace Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Age 32 years old
Height N/A
Nationality  American
Profession Videographer and a Creative Consultant 
Married / Wife N/A

Who Is Jujimufu Partner Tom Boyden? (Wiki / Biography) 

Well-known as being one half of Tom and Jujimufu, Tom Boyden is a creative consultant and a videographer. He grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. 

According to his Linkedin profile, Mr. Boyden graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also attended Wageningen University and Research Center. 

In addition to that, there seems to be little or no information on Tom Boyden’s childhood, parents, and siblings at the moment. But we will try to update it as soon as possible. Until then, stay tuned to get the latest updates on Tom Boyden. 

Illness and Weight Loss

According to Men’s Health in 2020, Tom lost 40 pounds in four months. He was admitted to the hospital in 2020 due to a flare-up of Crohn’s Disease. In a YouTube video on their channel, he said it was the worst flare-up in 14 years.

He’s back on his workout regimen now that he’s recovered. He also attributes a variety of other semi-related lifestyle changes to helping him maintain his weight loss, such as less stress and travel, which have helped him keep a good sleep schedule and ensure he has enough energy for his workouts. 

Tom Boyden had been on a weight-loss journey in 2020, losing 37 pounds over the summer. In one of the videos, Tom breaks down some of the lifestyle changes he made to help him lose weight and increase his workout performance.

Tom Boyden weight loss
Tom Boyden before and after weight loss

Photo Credit:

Tom Boyden told Men’s Health, 

If you look at the timeline, I progressively went from 197 pounds in February… then 190 in May,

And then I just reduced my calories, and slowly started upping my activity. So from May to now, about five months. The vast majority of it has happened in five months…

Tom Boyden and Jujimufu Partnership

Jujimufu and Tom met in 2012 and collaborated on their first video in 2013. On the Tricks Tutorials forums, Tom was looking for advice, and Jujimufu showed him how to backflip, sparking their friendship. In 2018, while speaking to Tom, Juji said, 

When I did the tricking thing and I met people at gatherings and events, there’s always one person that I meet at these things, they’d stick in my mind, you were that guy during that trip

How Old Is Tom Boyden? (Age / Birthday)

As of 2021, Tom Boyden age might be around 32. Unfortunately, the exact date of her birthday is still under the wrap which will be revealed soon. 

How Tall Is Tom Boyden? (Height)

At present, Tom Boyden stands at a tall height which might be over five feet tall. Considering his build, he might be around 5 feet 10 inches. 

Is Tom Boyden Married? Who Is Tom Boyden Wife / Partner?

Since Tom Boyden has not opened up about his dating affairs, girlfriend, or even his married life, we can only assume that he is still single at the moment. Mr. Byden rarely discloses his personal life. 

Besides, there appears to be no such woman on his Instagram posts whom we can speculate as to his girlfriend. Anyway, the fans and viewers might get a chance to witness his dating affairs, partner, and even married life in the future. Until then, stay tuned. 

Tom Boyden Instagram
Jujimufu (left) and Tom Boyden (right) pictured together

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How Much Is Tom Boyden Net Worth 2021

Tom Boyden works as a videographer and creative consultant at Breathe For Change. He has been working there since January 2016. Previously, he worked as a Preditor (Producer/Editor) at UW-Madison Horticulture Department and at F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture as Urban Agriculture Director.

As of 2021, Tom Boyden net worth is under review. As per some sources, Tom Boyden’s total earnings as a YouTuber ranged from $ 206 – $ 1.24K.

Tom Boyden Instagram

The videographer Tom Boyden is active on social media platforms. He runs his Instagram account under the name (@tomrboyden) and has over 100 thousand followers. Tom Boyden Instagram bio reads, 

Tom Boyden
I make ok videos

Apart from that, he also runs his Twitter account under (@TomRBoyden) and has more than ten thousand followers.


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