SungWon Cho ‘ProZD’ Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Instagram, Wife, Net Worth 2020

SungWon Cho Quick Facts

Name SungWon Cho
Age 29-year old
Birthday 9 December 1990
Height 1.65 cm
Weight 154 LBS
Instagram @prozd
Zodiac Sagittarius
Married/Wife Anne Marie
Profession Youtuber/Internet Star
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian American
Net Worth $1.8 million

SungWon Cho ProZD Wiki Biography

SungWon Cho, popularly known by his internet alias ProZD, is best known for his voice acting in video games and is also a big name in Anime Youtuber community.

SungWon Cho ProZD Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Net Worth 2020

SungWon Cho YouTube channel became one of the prominent outlets to showcase his Vine jokes, and has also featured videos of tags and unboxings and he makes many skits which are mostly about anime.

SungWon Cho aka ProZD was born on 9 December 1990, in Minnesota. Currently, he is of 29 years of age, and his birth sign is Sagittarius.

Though SungWon was born in Minnesota, he and his family later settled in Lansing, Michigan. SungWon graduated from college in the year 2012 with a degree in Telecommunications, and a Major in Media Arts and Technology.

Full Name

SungWon Cho

How Old Is SungWon Cho?

SungWon Cho aka ProZD age is 29 years old, he celebrates his birthday on the 9th of December every year. 

SungWon Cho ProZD Age

Zodiac Sign





Youtuber/Internet Star

Family / Parents / Siblings

SungWon Cho ‘ProZD’ is already very private about his personal life and keeps the details very minimal, we really don’t the identity of his parents. He hasn’t disclosed any information about having any siblings too.

What we do know is he has Korean parents but they immigrated to the USA and he was born in Minnesota as a result of that.

Who Is SungWon Cho Wife Anne Marie?

SungWon Cho, 28, is actually a married man SungWon Cho ‘ProZD’ shares a happily married life with his long term girlfriend turned wife, Anne Marie.

SungWon Cho ProZD Wife

Although SungWon Cho ‘ProZD’ wife Anne Marie is not a YouTuber, she shares the same particular interest as her husband, SungWon Cho. As a matter of fact, Marie is an artist who makes sketches and sells them to her fans and audience.

Besides, she is a heavy anime lover who enjoys doing Cosplay (dressing up like anime characters).

Moreover, not much detail on how the two met is not disclosed to the public either, ProZD is fond of regularly sharing his love for his beloved wife.  

In one of his tweets, the YouTuber revealed about his first date with his wife being a ruby Tuesday’s and watching advent children


Asian American

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


SungWon Cho ‘ProZD’ Height / Weight/ Measurements

Obviously, we know that Cho is a pretty big guy. But he loves it and so does his fans. SungWon Cho ‘ProZD’ stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches. He weighs 70 kgs. It goes really well with his Asian genes.

More about SungWon Cho:

After graduating college in 2012 with a degree in Telecommunications, and Major in Media Arts and Technology, Cho was aimless as he did not figure it out what he was going to do in his life, the fact he revealed in the new episode of SYFY WIRE’sThe Fandom Files podcast.

SungWon Cho hit it big with his first Goofy impression on video in February 2014. He performed a Goofy impression, and the first one he ever did was ‘Let It Go’ video from Frozen which went viral.

From then onwards, his fan base began to increase rapidly. In addition to Goofy, he did impressions of other anime characters including his favorite, Super Mario.

Obviously, he is active on social media since he is internet and posts most of his videos on his Instagram(@prozd) and Youtube(ProZD).



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