Summer camp director job description and responsibilities

Color wars.

Campfire s’mores.

Arts and crafts projects.

Jumping off “the blob.”

These are some of the nostalgic memories many of us have when we think about summers spent at camp.

In fact, there are entire shows — like this popular Disney show from the late 1990s — all about how fun summer camp is.

Behind the scenes, there’s a ton of work that happens to prepare for a fun summer.

This is something I know a thing or two about. As a former camp director, the team and I spent the entire year preparing for two months of summer camp.

In this post, we’ll talk about the job description and many of the key responsibilities involved with being a camp director.

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summer camp director timeline

The camp director is the linchpin for a successful summer camp.

Every time a camper says through tears, “I love this camp; I never want to leave” or begs their parents to come back again next year, it’s thanks to the careful planning and thought that a director put into the summer camp.

That’s a camp director’s true responsibility — bringing all the pieces together to create an amazing experience that campers will always cherish.

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