Snack break webinar: Add video to your forms with Loom

As remote and hybrid work continue to be the norm for many companies, it’s more important than ever to have an entire toolkit you can rely on to effectively communicate with people who aren’t sitting next to you. Loom has established itself as one of the most essential tools in that toolkit, allowing you to easily create and share screen recordings that bring your words to life.

Last month we announced two new Loom widgets for Jotform, the first of their kind: Loom Video Embed and Loom Video Recorder. With these tools, you can embed videos into your forms and ask respondents to create a screen capture to be submitted with their response. The applications are virtually endless.

In this webinar we

  • Provide use cases for both Loom widgets
  • Show how and where to find and add them
  • Demonstrate how to set up and use the both widgets

Check it out below!

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