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Parris Bell Stork age

Travis Lane Stork who is solely known as Travis Stork is an American television personality who is best known for appearing on ‘The Bachelor’ and as the host of daytime talk show ‘The Doctors’.

Celebrities are quite good at keeping secrets unless a paparazzi spot them! Travis Stork and Parris Bell kept things simple until they tied the knot last month and this wedding was an official announcement about their relationship.

Before getting tied Stork and Bell took a pre-wedding honeymoon to Costa Rica, and went on to vacation together in Hawaii as newlyweds.

Stork reported that they met through a friend in 2016 and the next thing they were soon sure about after dating was they are ready to get married. Romantic Isn’t It?

Let’s have a look at Who is Parris Bell Stork, including updates on Parris Bell Stork Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Paris Bell, and Travis Stork Wedding updates!

Who is Parris Bell Stork?

Parris Bell Stork is an American Attorney, famous personality who became one of the public figures for being the spouse of Dr. Travis Stork.

The beautiful Parris Bell Stork was born in 1992 which makes her 27 years old this August.

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Parris Bell Stork Wiki, Bio Height, Age, Profession

Paris Bell popularly known as Paris Bell Stork turned 27 this August. She is an Attorney; Lawyer by profession and she is also an active Instagram user. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA and is a Vanderbilt University.

Paris Bell Height is 5 feet 8 inches as she stands tall in front of Travis Stork who is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

Travis Stork Ex-Wife, Divorce

Not everyone’s first marriage works out and the same did happen to Stork. He was first married to Dr. Charlotte Brown in 2012 and after getting divorced in 2015.

He was ready to tie knot once again in 2019 with Paris Bell whom he started dating in 2016. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance.

It was a beautiful August Wedding and this September Paris delightedly posted about their first month of wedding where she wrote

“Congrats on surviving first month of marriage, Love you as much I love donuts Travis”, followed by Travis’s adorable reply “I love you almost as much as I love broccoli… maybe more”. Somehow this made everyone giggle and surprisingly we can’t help but adore this It Couple.

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