Our top 5 can’t-miss webinars from 2023

As you might have already noticed, it’s been another exciting year here at Jotform.

When it comes to webinars, our busy year has included 28 live sessions, adding up to over 15 hours. We’ve used these webinars to demo new features, share best practices for Enterprise users, cover Jotform fundamentals, and show how we work with other platforms.

We love connecting with you in this way, and this year nearly 10,000 of you registered to attend these sessions!

If you’ve missed any of this year’s webinars, cozy up in your favorite robe and slippers, make a big mug of cocoa, and check out these highlights. These are some of our favorites and yours, presented in no particular order — because how could we choose?

1. Introducing Jotform for Salesforce

In September we introduced Jotform on the Salesforce AppExchange, opening up a world of automation possibilities. You can now use Jotform without having to leave Salesforce, saving considerable time and effort switching between platforms. This was one of our biggest and most important launches of the year, so it makes sense that this webinar gets our first mention.

2. Get more done through the power of automation

And speaking of automation possibilities, we’ve spent a lot of time this year spotlighting ways Jotform can help make your job easier. Our CEO, Aytekin Tank, literally wrote the book on it this year. In this session we demo some of our favorite Jotform integrations and how you can incorporate them to streamline your workflows.

3. Increase conversion rates with Jotform Cards

We released Jotform Cards to much fanfare several years ago, but we haven’t talked about Cards much since then. We decided it was time to change that, and the result was one of our most popular webinars this year. If you’d like to learn about this conversational alternative to our Classic Forms, be sure to watch this video.

4. How to earn and protect customer data

If you’re a Jotform Enterprise user, you probably noticed lots of new learning opportunities this year, including a new Lunch and Learn series, and an Ask Me Anything session. While this webinar was part of our dedicated Enterprise webinar series, it offers general data protection tips and a demo that will be of interest to all Jotform users.

5. Introducing Encrypted Forms 2.0

Along those same lines, when it comes to forms, security should be something we all think about. This year we revamped our encryption structure and functionality to make encryption easier to enable, more reliable, and even more secure than before. Check out this session to learn what’s new in data security and see it in action.

Bonus watching

  • If you’d like even more on automation and integration, you can also check out Streamline your workflows with 30+ Jotform Sign integrations.
  • If you’re interested in more Jotform 101, watch Transform data into documents with PDF Editor.
  • And, finally, if encrypted forms got you thinking about other ways Jotform helps you support your users, 3 ways to make your Jotform forms accessible is for you.
  • If you’d like further recommendations, feel free to message me through my contact form, linked below!

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