Olivia Marie Plath Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Instagram, Net Worth 2020

Olivia Marie Plath Quick Facts

Name Olivia Marie Plath
Age 22 years old
Birthday 1998
Height 1.72m
Weight 130 lbs
Instagram @oliviamarieplath
Married Yes
Husband Ethan Plath
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Net Worth Under Review

Olivia Plath Wiki Biography

Olivia Plath is well known as an American actress and photographer. She is a beautiful and talented TV personality. Olivia is best known for working on the famous television program named Welcome to Plathville.

Olivia Plath was born in the year 1998, in Virginia, USA. At the time of writing this article, she is currently at the age of 21. 

Full Name

Olivia Marie Plath

How Old Is Olivia Plath?

21 years old

Zodiac Sign

As her exact birthdate is unknown and she has not disclosed her zodiac sign, it is unknown.





Family / Parents

Olivia Plath is the fourth child in her family who was brought up in a very conservative family. She grew up ultra-conservative but broke free as a teen.

In an interview with the Youtube channel Without A Crystal Ball, Olivia explained that she grew up as the fourth of 10 children in a legalistic Christian home.

The church her family attended was extremely conservative, reportedly not allowing women or children to speak, and viewed women as the servants of men.

Around the age of 17, Olivia, who was homeschooled and starting to feel isolated. As a way to open up her secluded life, she convinced her parents to take their family to a Christian fundamentalist summer camp.


Although Olivia Plath is said to be the fourth child of 10 children in her family, their identity is unknown. Olivia Plath’s family being conservative, their information isn’t really out in the public.

Who Is Olivia Plath Husband Ethan Plath?

Yes, Olivia is actually married, which may disappoint some of her male fans, but she is actually in a happy marriage.

Ethan Plath is married to Ethan Plath, eldest son Kim and Barry Plath. Her in-laws decide to stay away from society and therefore do not know much about the outside world.

Olivia Plath Wedding

They lived on a fifty-five-acre farm. After Olivia came into their life she brought dramatic changes in the life of their son. The family had no TV, never watched TV, and are unaware of the latest technology. 

Olivia and Ethan seem like a picture-perfect couple right now, so it may come as a shock to fans that Olivia said that she had zero interest Ethan at first.

Olivia Plath husband

According to Olivia, she knew Ethan had a crush on her when they met at the fundamentalist summer camp — he would even follow her around — but she thought he seemed too immature to be romantically interested in him.

Olivia Plath wedding

But over time (and with a surprising push from Kim for them to get together) the two started a relationship, fell in love, and got married.

How Much Is Olivia Plath Net Worth?

Olivia Plath is quite well known for working on the famous television program named Welcome to Plathville.

She has gained fame and money from it. She currently works as a wedding photographer which gains her quite the income as well.

Actress Olivia Plath is estimated to have accumulated a total net worth of $200k and is living a luxurious life with the help of her net worth. 



Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Body Measurements

Olivia Plath stands with an appealing height and has a good bodyweight. Olivia Plath stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs just 58 kgs approximately.

More about Olivia Plath:

As she has maintained a low-profile, there is no information related to her parents and siblings. Apparently, the name of Olivia Plath wiki page is unavailable on Internet sites.

Olivia Plath is a married woman as she has posted a lot of photos with her husband on her official Instagram account (@oliviamarieplath).

She stands with an appealing height and has a good bodyweight that reflects her personality.

She is very popular on Instagram as she has an official Instagram account where she has collected 61.9k followers.  


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