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Monica Vaswani is a Software Specialist by education and also a Bollywood choregrapher. She is popularly known for being a cast member of Family Karma. 

Let’s have a quick look at Monica Vaswani Wiki Facts, including her Age, Height, Birthday, Instagram, Nationality, Ethnicity, Background, and more.

Monica Vaswani’s Bio and Early Childhood

Monica started giving dance classes when just 15. She begged her mom to drive her to every Indian grocery store in the neighborhood so that she could drop off homemade flyers. 

What is Monica Vaswani’s Height? 

So how tall is Monica Vaswani, exactly? 

She has mentioned herself on an Instagram post that she is 5 feet and 2 inches tall (1.57 meters). 

How old is Family Karma’s Monica Vaswani?

Monica Vaswani is 28 years old according to sources. 

Monica Vaswani has had a memorable experience with her grandfather all her childhood, which is why Monica Vaswani was shattered when he passed away.

Her grandfather loved her so much that he named his corporation after her. 

What is Family Karma all about? 

Family Karma is the first-ever all-Indian cast docu-series on Bravo TV. Family Karma features first-generation Indian families living in the United States. Basically, they are living two cultures and hence are torn between two worlds. The entire series is about striking the perfect balance, which is definitely hard. 

Some of the cast members in Family Karma are themselves more westernized. Hence, the show is an interesting documentation of how they juggle their daily life and the balance in the two ways of living. 

Family Karma Cast

  • Shaan Patel
  • Bali Chainani
  • Anisha Ramakrishna
  • Monica Vaswani
  • Brian Benni
  • Vishal Parvani
  • Amrit Kapai

Who is Monica Vaswani dating? 

She hasn’t yet shared her love life on social media publicly. She has mentioned that she had a crush on her now-best friend Brian growing up. However, she now says that she is her “best wing-woman.”

What is Monica Vaswani’s nationality? What is her ethnicity? 

Monica Vaswani is a first-generation Indian living in the United States of America. She was raised here since her childhood. 

Does Monica Vaswani have a  Facebook profile or a Page?

A quick search showed us that the cast member of Family Karma hasn’t yet created a Facebook page of herself. 

Moreover, her Facebook account is set to private. Thus, the only information available from Facebook is that she lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her Facebook cover is a photo of the cast of Family Karma. 

Nevertheless, her uncle Vijay Vaswani seems to frequently support her niece and her friends on their work on Family Karma. In one Facebook post, Vijay Vaswani congratulated the entire cast on becoming a part of the first-ever all Indian cast docu-series on Bravo TV.

He also gave a shout-out to Family Karma which was premiering at 9 pm eastern time that day. 

Monica Vaswani’s Instagram Presence

Monica Vasnani’s Instagram handle is monica_vaswani. 

She has 2,898 followers as of March 2020 and has a total of 97 posts. 

She has mentioned in her bio that she is a Software Specialist by day and a Bollywood choreographer by night. She also claims that she is a public figure.

Her recent Instagram post is a picture of her on a beach with a caption that reads: “Who’s tuning in tonight for the premiere of Family Karma?” 

From Monica Vaswani’s Instagram presence, it can be inferred that she is an avid traveler and has a larger circle of friends with whom she likes to hang out. 

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