Meenakshi Kandwal: A Rising Star in the Indian News Industry – Biography and Career

Discover the incredible journey of Meenakshi Kandwal, a remarkable individual who has left an indelible mark on society. From humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of inspiration, delve into her captivating biography and witness how she overcame challenges, achieved immense success, and made a lasting impact on the lives of many.

1. Meenakshi Kandwal: Birthplace and Date of Birth

Meenakshi Kandwal, a renowned Indian news anchor, was born in New Delhi. She originally hails from Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Her exact date of birth is not mentioned in the available information.


Meenakshi Kandwal was born and brought up in New Delhi, India.

Date of Birth:

The specific date of birth for Meenakshi Kandwal is not provided in the given information.

2. Meenakshi Kandwal’s Education and Qualifications

2. Meenakshi Kandwal
Meenakshi Kandwal pursued her early education in Delhi before moving on to higher studies. She completed her graduation in Commerce from Vivekananda College. Following that, she pursued a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication.

During her academic journey, Meenakshi excelled in her studies and showed a keen interest in various activities like watching films and traveling. These experiences helped shape her diverse knowledge base and contributed to her versatile career as a news anchor.

3. The Beginnings of Meenakshi Kandwal’s Career as a News Anchor

3. The Beginnings of Meenakshi Kandwal
Meenakshi Kandwal embarked on her career as a news anchor by winning Star News’ esteemed News Anchoring Competition called “Star Anchor Hunt” on June 26, 2010. This achievement opened doors for her to join Star News as a news anchor.

Her talent and dedication led her to work with Star News for two years before moving on to India TV where she served as a senior news anchor until 2015. Currently, Meenakshi holds the position of Anchor/Senior Producer at Aaj Tak, a leading Indian news channel.

List of News Channels Worked:

– Star News (now ABP News)
– India TV
– Aaj Tak

4. Previous News Channels Where Meenakshi Kandwal Worked

Meenakshi Kandwal has gained valuable experience and recognition by working with prominent news channels in India. After winning the Star Anchor Hunt competition, she joined Star News as a news anchor. She worked there for two years, honing her anchoring skills and gaining industry exposure.

Following her stint at Star News, Meenakshi moved on to India TV where she served as a senior news anchor until 2015. Her work at these channels helped establish her reputation as a reliable and trusted news anchor in the Indian media industry.

List of Previous News Channels:

– Star News (now ABP News)
– India TV

5. Current Shows Hosted by Meenakshi Kandwal on Aaj Tak

Currently, Meenakshi Kandwal holds the position of Anchor/Senior Producer at Aaj Tak, one of India’s leading news channels. She hosts two shows on Aaj Tak – “Aaj Subah” and “Ek aur Ek Gyarah”. Additionally, she also hosts a weekend show called “Viral Test”.

These shows cover various topics ranging from current affairs and headline news to entertainment and viral trends. Through her hosting roles, Meenakshi engages with viewers and provides them with informative and engaging content.

List of Current Shows Hosted:

– Aaj Subah
– Ek aur Ek Gyarah
– Viral Test (weekend show)

6. Notable Events Hosted by Meenakshi Kandwal for Aaj Tak

Meenakshi Kandwal, a renowned news anchor of Aaj Tak, has had the privilege of hosting several notable events throughout her career. Her professionalism and expertise have made her a sought-after host for various prestigious occasions. Here are some of the noteworthy events that Meenakshi has been entrusted to host:

1. Sahitya Aajtak

Meenakshi Kandwal has played a key role in hosting Aaj Tak’s annual event called ‘Sahitya Aajtak’. This event brings together celebrated writers, poets, and literary enthusiasts from all over the country. With her eloquence and in-depth knowledge about literature, Meenakshi adds charm and grace to this literary extravaganza.

2. Agenda-Aajtak

Another prominent event hosted by Meenakshi is ‘Agenda-Aajtak’, an annual summit that focuses on critical issues affecting the nation. As the host of this event, she skillfully moderates discussions and debates involving leading politicians, social activists, and intellectuals. Meenakshi’s insightful questions and ability to steer conversations make Agenda-Aajtak a thought-provoking platform.


Meenakshi Kandwal also takes charge of hosting ‘Panchayat-Aajatak’, an event that aims to bring attention to grassroots governance in India. Through this initiative, she sheds light on the challenges faced by rural communities and highlights their efforts towards development. Her empathetic approach and engaging style contribute to making Panchayat-Aajatak an impactful event.

These are just a few examples of the remarkable events hosted by Meenakshi Kandwal for Aaj Tak. Her ability to connect with the audience and effectively steer discussions has made her an esteemed anchor in the industry.

7. Languages Spoken Fluently by Meenakshi Kandwal

7. Languages Spoken Fluently by Meenakshi Kandwal
Meenakshi Kandwal’s fluency in multiple languages has been a significant asset throughout her career as a news anchor. Her proficiency in various languages enables her to communicate effortlessly with diverse audiences. Here are the languages spoken fluently by Meenakshi Kandwal:

1. English: Meenakshi is fluent in English, which allows her to cater to an international audience and conduct interviews with foreign guests. Her command over the language ensures smooth communication and effective representation on a global platform.

2. Hindi: Being a native Hindi speaker, Meenakshi connects seamlessly with her Indian viewership. Her ability to express herself eloquently in Hindi enables her to effectively convey news and narratives, resonating with millions of Hindi-speaking viewers.

3. Garhwali: Meenakshi’s roots lie in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, and she is fluent in the Garhwali language. This proficiency allows her to connect authentically with people from Uttarakhand and represent their perspectives accurately.

Meenakshi Kandwal’s multilingual skills make her a versatile news anchor who can address diverse audiences and bridge cultural gaps through effective communication.

8. Personal Life and Interests of Meenakshi Kandwal Revealed

Apart from being an accomplished news anchor, Meenakshi Kandwal also leads an interesting personal life filled with diverse interests. Here are some insights into her personal life:

Meenakshi was born and brought up in New Delhi before moving on to pursue higher education in the field of mass communication. She completed her early studies from Delhi and went on to graduate from Vivekananda College. Later, she pursued a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication.

From a young age, Meenakshi showcased a passion for traveling and debating. If she had not become a news anchor, she would have explored her interests by becoming a travel blogger, storyteller, or motivational speaker.

In terms of her professional journey, Meenakshi started her career by winning Star News’s News Anchoring Competition “Star Anchor Hunt” in 2010. This win opened the doors to opportunities in leading news channels such as India TV and Aaj Tak, where she worked as a senior news anchor before taking on the role of an anchor and senior producer at Aaj Tak.

Outside of her career, Meenakshi has a fondness for writing, reading, and movies. Her love for literature allows her to bring depth and insight to her work as a host during literary events organized by Aaj Tak.

These glimpses into Meenakshi Kandwal’s personal life and interests showcase her multifaceted personality and the diverse experiences that shape her as both an individual and a renowned news anchor.

In conclusion, Meenakshi Kandwal’s biography sheds light on her remarkable journey as a talented individual who overcame challenges and achieved success. From her early struggles to her eventual rise to prominence, Kandwal’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring individuals in various fields. Through determination, perseverance, and a strong passion for her craft, she has become a role model for many. Her biography offers valuable insights into the life of this accomplished individual and serves as a testament to the power of chasing one’s dreams.

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