Jotform Instant: Instantly Brewed Forms!

Best products give users what they need without the hassle. When you take a good product, remove most of its features, and just leave the most important features something interesting happens.

Logically, less features should mean an inferior product. But, in reality something else happens.

Apple is great at this when they launch a new product. They look at what is being done. Get rid of most features the other products have and release the product with bare essentials.

Before iPod was released I had an MP3 player shaped like a cube. It was large and heavy as rock. It had lots of features but it was difficult listen songs when you want it. After waiting for it to start I had to listen the same songs always in the same order.

Today, we are releasing Jotform Instant, the easiest way to create forms on the web.

What if you could create new web forms by taking a form URL and changing the email address on it?

Here is an example. Click on this form link and on your browser change the email address to your own email address:[email protected]

Jotform Instant is launched today with 2500 ready-to-use web forms. Pick a form, add your email and your form is ready for consumption.

Give it a spin and let me know what do you think in the comments below.

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