How to add a link to a Google Form

If you’re looking to add a link to a Google Form, you may be wondering where the link element is located. When you create a new form, you’ll see a title field and a question field. When you click on these fields, you’ll see the options to add text elements, images, videos, and more in the floating toolbar next to each question or field. But there’s no option there just to add a link.

The short answer is that you can add a link just about anywhere. When you click into any editable text field, like a question, form title, or description, you’ll see a formatting toolbar below it, including a link icon. By clicking on the link icon, you’ll be able to enter both the URL and its display text.

In some areas that don’t display the formatting toolbar, Google will also convert pasted URLs into clickable links.

Here’s a summary of where — and how — you can add a link in Google Forms.

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Where you can add links to Google Forms

You can add a link to nearly any text area in your form. In fact, there’s almost no part of a Google Form that you can’t add a link to. Here’s a list of places that you can add a link either with the formatting toolbar or by pasting in a URL.

  • Form title: That’s right: You can turn the first thing visitors see into a link. This is a great way to provide visitors with more information on what your form is about.
  • Form description: This is probably an even better place to add links for visitors to get more information. You could even go so far as to turn this into a FAQ section with links to lots of other information.
  • Other titles and descriptions: You can add a link anywhere you create a title element in your form. That goes for their descriptions as well.
  • Image titles: While you can’t actually link the image itself, you can add a link to the image title.
  • Video titles: Videos already link to YouTube, of course. But you can also add a link in the video title just like you can with images.
  • Questions: You can add a link to any question. Since there isn’t space for separate descriptions for questions, links can help clarify what you’re asking.
  • Multiple-choice options and checkboxes: You can add links to the answer options in multiple-choice and checkbox questions. To do this, you’ll need to paste the URL in the answer field. (Note that this will only display the hyperlinked URL, not hyperlinked text.)
  • Scales and grids: All of the labels for scale or grid questions can have links assigned to them. That includes the columns and rows for matrix-style questions. Again, you’ll only see the hyperlinked URL, not hyperlinked text.

Where you can’t add links to Google Forms

You can technically add URLs anywhere there’s text in your form — unless those areas aren’t clickable.

That means you can’t add a link to dropdown options. The default action when you click on a dropdown option is that you select the option. It wouldn’t make sense to make that a link also.

You also can’t add a link to image hover text. Hover text shows up when your mouse stops moving on an image. Once you move your mouse, the hover text vanishes, making it impossible to click on.

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Where to get even more link options

What if you don’t want to add just links to your online forms, but also preformatted design blocks, like social media previews? Basic links are a good standby, but there are so many ways to display links as more than just text.

For example, wouldn’t it be nice to just add the URL for one of your social media accounts and have it automatically display your last few posts? Or how about a rich text editor that lets you add links to images and advanced formatting to text in your form?

Advanced options like that aren’t available in Google Forms. But they are available in Jotform.

Jotform has a ton of widgets to help you customize your form however you like. That includes rich text editors and social media widgets.

Just like Google Forms, Jotform is free to try. The difference is that Jotform will grow with your needs. Take a look!

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