Hazen Audel Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Married, Wife, Instagram, Net Worth

Hazen Aude Age, Height, Wiki, Biography

Hazen Audel Quick Facts

Name Hazen Audel
Age 46
Birthday January 25, 1974
Height 1.67 m
Weight 155 LBS
Birthplace Spokane, Washington
Zodiac Aquarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Adventurer, T.V. Presenter, Biologist, Educator
Married No
Wife No
Net  Worth  $500K-1M (Approx)
Salary $75,000 per season (Approx)

Hazen Audel Biography

Hazen Audel Wiki Biography

Hazen Audel is an American adventurer, television presenter, biologist, educator, natural history guide, and artist who is best known for his National Geographic series ‘Primal Survivor’.

The series, which is running successfully for four seasons since 2016, documents his journeys to remote locations and ‘survive’ the rigorous life of indigenous people.

Hazen Audel had previously collaborated with the channel to film living with a Native American tribe for a week in the 2014 series ‘Survive the Tribe’.

Full Name

Hazen Audel

How Old Is Hazen Audel?

Born in the year 1974, Primal Survivor host Hazen Audel now is 46 years old, he celebrates his birthday on the 25th of January every year. Hazen Audel D.O.B. is 1974/01/25. 

Zodiac Sign





Adventurer, television presenter, biologist, educator

Family / Parents

He is a Native American and has tribal genes of Kootenai and Salish in his ancestry line, he is also Greek by descent. He describes his parents to be the ones that have taught him everything he needs to know about life.

Hazen Audel Parent

His parents have helped him through all the challenges. He tells that his mother is his role model.

“She has gained wisdom and has always shared it with me.”, says Hazen.

The star’s parents are married for 55 years. There seems to be no information indicating he has siblings, so he is an only child.

Hazen Audel Instagram

Is Hazen Audel In a Relationship? Who Is

Hazen Audel Wife/Girlfriend?

Hazen Audel is an open book and has given information regarding his relationships. In an interview with Daily Mail in July 2014, the survivalist confirmed that he had been in six- years-long relationship with the previous girlfriend.

He shared that the love had an uncanny resemblance to fatal attraction from which hardly made him come alive.

‘I barely came out of that alive, and I was lucky my cat didn’t get boiled! At least I know where never to venture again.’

Despite his good looks and impressive survival skills, Audel experiences difficulties in finding love as he spends weeks learning different skills and continuously travels to the remote and rural areas.

So currently Hazen Audel is single but he is still on his quest for love.

Hazen Audel girlfriend

Is Hazen Audel alive?

Yes, Hazel is alive and well, and he is as adventurous as ever.

How much is Hazen Audel worth?

Hazen Audel has various sources of income and as probably anyone reading this knows he stars in major TV programs.

Hazen Audel earns a sizable amount of money and various sources claim his net worth is somewhere around $100K-$1M.

And it probably is around that amount since he has various professions and works hard.

And Hazen Audel salaries can be up to $75 000 per season.


Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Hazen is a Kootenai and Salish Native American and Greek by descent.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Body Measurements

Hazen Audel is an adventurous guy and is pretty jacked up. There isn’t much information regarding his body measurements but there are a few estimates.

Although his body looks jacked, he is pretty short. He stands around a height of 5 feet 6 inches and he weighs around 70 kgs.

More About Primal Survivor Hazen Audel

As a child, Hazen Audel was fascinated with bugs and snakes and aspired to be a mix of Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, David Attenborough, and Tarzan.

He was the first in his family to pursue higher education beyond school and entered college to become a botanist. However, he was soon bored with traditional teaching methods and dropped out to seek adventure in the Amazon.

To fulfill his enjoyment of teaching and being around youthful energy, Hazen is a teacher. Here he is able to share his love for the sciences and life.

As an educator and mentor in the classroom and out, Hazen agrees that his life is busy but equally fulfilled.

He studied Zoology, Chemistry, and Ceramics at Eastern Washington University between 1992 and 1994, and despite dropping out midway through his studies at the Western Washington University, came back later to complete his Bachelors in Science in Biology with an emphasis in Entomology and Art in 1998.

He is adventurous as ever so he posts all his experiences and travels on his Instagram (@hazenaudel).

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