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Jotform’s new Zoom integration is up and running! You can now automatically schedule meetings and add attendees to Zoom via meeting request forms or webinar registration form submissions. It’s handy for managing online meetings, webinars, telehealth appointments, and even virtual happy hours.

But we didn’t stop there. We love using the popular video conferencing software so much that our graphic designers created these Jotform-themed virtual backgrounds! All you have to do is download the image to your computer or mobile device and upload it to Zoom via the Virtual Background tab in the Settings menu.

So whether you want to hide your messy room, escape your quarantine surroundings, or just spice up your work meetings, here are some fun virtual backgrounds for Zoom — starring our photogenic mascot, Podo!

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Read tips on how to use Zoom on the Jotform blog — or get a free account to try our Zoom Scheduler!

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1) Summertime

Free Zoom virtual backgrounds Image-1
Click here to download the background

Turn your vacation plans into a staycation! Enjoy a tropical getaway from the comfort of your home with this relaxing dream destination virtual background. Watch the sunset with some seasonal fruit or a yummy drink in hand — just put on a Hawaiian shirt and you’ll fit right in with Podo lounging in a hammock.

2) Outer space

Free Zoom virtual backgrounds Image-2
Click here to download the background

One small step for video calls, one giant leap for social distancing. Explore the galaxies with Podo using our astronomically fun space background! Add some atmosphere by playing ambient electronic music or themes from your favorite sci-fi series and pretending you can’t hear your coworkers because you don’t have good Wi-Fi from several light years away (just kidding; please don’t do that).

3) F1 racing

Free Zoom virtual backgrounds Image-3
Click here to download the background

If you’ve got a need for speed, put the pedal to the metal with this virtual F1 background. You’ll feel like you’re right there on the tracks — and with Podo on your race team, you’ll be burning rubber! Make your colleagues envious of your sweet ride by placing a fan nearby for realistic wind effects. Drive safe!

4) Seabed

Free Zoom virtual backgrounds Image-4
Click here to download the background

Ready to dive in? Take a dip with Podo and explore a magical underwater world from the comfort of your bedroom. No more staring at dirty clothes and empty pizza boxes — your coworkers can enjoy a deep blue oasis of stunning sea creatures instead.

5) Fishing at night

Free Zoom virtual backgrounds Image-5
Click here to download the background

Peace…tranquility…and our lovable mascot Podo! Use this Zoom background during your next meeting or virtual happy hour to go on a relaxing fishing trip with a friendly feline. It’s the perfect way for you and your coworkers to unwind after a long day of deadlines and business meetings.

Download all backgrounds

We hope you like the backgrounds and that they lighten up your next Zoom meeting. Feel free to reach out to us on X (formerly known as Twitter) or Facebook and let us know which one is your favorite!

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