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How to Check the Registration Number of a Doctor in Karnataka for the Year 2021

If you want to check the registration number of a doctor in Karnataka for the year 2021, you can do so through the Indian Medical Registry (IMR). The IMR is an online platform provided by the National Medical Commission (NMC) that allows users to search for and verify the registration details of doctors across India. To check a doctor’s registration number in Karnataka, you need to visit the official website of the NMC and access the IMR.

Once on the IMR portal, you can use various search options such as name, registration number, medical council state, date of birth, etc., to find specific doctors. In this case, you would select Karnataka as the medical council state and enter any other relevant information you have about the doctor. The IMR database will then generate a list of doctors matching your search criteria.

To further narrow down your search results and find the specific doctor’s registration number for 2021, you can click on each doctor’s profile from the list. The profile will provide detailed information about their qualifications, registrations, and other credentials. Look for their current registration number which will indicate if they are registered in Karnataka for 2021.

Steps to Check a Doctor’s Registration Number in Karnataka:

  1. Visit the official website of National Medical Commission (NMC).
  2. Access the Indian Medical Registry (IMR) portal.
  3. Select “Karnataka” as the medical council state.
  4. Enter any relevant information about the doctor (name, date of birth, etc.)
  5. Review search results and click on a specific doctor’s profile.
  6. Find the doctor’s registration number for the year 2021 in their profile.


The Indian Medical Registry is regularly updated to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. However, it’s important to note that there may be a delay in updating some records. In case you are unable to find the registration number of a doctor in Karnataka for the year 2021 through the IMR, you may need to contact the Karnataka Medical Council directly for further assistance or verification.

Process to Search for a Doctor’s Registration Number in Arunachal Pradesh for the Year 2021

Step 1: Visit the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council Website

To search for a doctor’s registration number in Arunachal Pradesh for the year 2021, you can begin by visiting the official website of the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council. The council is responsible for maintaining records of registered doctors in the state.

Step 2: Navigate to the Doctor Registration Number Search Page

Once on the website, look for a section or tab specifically dedicated to searching for doctor registration numbers. Click on that tab to proceed to the search page.

Step 3: Enter Relevant Details and Initiate the Search

On the search page, you will typically be required to enter certain details such as the doctor’s name, medical registration number, or any other information that may assist in identifying the specific doctor. Fill in these details accurately and initiate the search.

After initiating the search, the system will fetch relevant information from its database and display the corresponding doctor’s registration number if it exists. Make sure to cross-check all provided information with any additional documentation or references you may have.

It is important to note that this process may vary slightly depending on any updates made by the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council. Please refer to their official website for any specific instructions or changes.

Online Platform Available to Verify a Doctor’s Registration Number in Delhi for the Year 2021

National Medical Commission (NMC) Website – Indian Medical Registry (IMR)

For verifying a doctor’s registration number in Delhi for the year 2021, you can utilize an online platform called Indian Medical Registry (IMR), which is maintained by National Medical Commission (NMC). The IMR serves as a comprehensive database of registered doctors across India.

To access the IMR, visit the official website of NMC and navigate to the Indian Medical Registry section. Here, you will find various search options allowing you to verify a doctor’s registration number in Delhi.

Once on the IMR platform, you can search for a doctor’s registration number by entering relevant details such as name, medical council registration number, or any other identification information. The system will then display the corresponding registration number if it is valid and active.

It is important to note that the information on the IMR is regularly updated by respective state medical councils. Therefore, if a doctor’s registration has been recently updated or revoked, it should reflect in this database. Always double-check any provided information with additional sources or documents for verification purposes.

Please refer to the National Medical Commission website for detailed instructions and any changes made to the IMR platform.

(Note: The content provided above is based on general knowledge about doctor registration processes in Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, and Indian Medical Registry. For specific and up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit official websites or consult relevant authorities.)

Frequency and Source of Updates for Indian Medical Registry

The Indian Medical Registry is regularly updated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information regarding doctors’ registration numbers. The frequency of updates varies depending on the state and the National Medical Commission (NMC). Generally, updates are conducted on a yearly basis, but certain states may have more frequent updates.

The source of updates for the Indian Medical Registry comes from various sources including medical colleges, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions. These organizations are responsible for submitting accurate information about their doctors to the NMC. Additionally, individual doctors themselves are required to provide updated information regarding their registration details.

Importance of Accurate Updates

Accurate and timely updates are crucial for the Indian Medical Registry as it plays a vital role in verifying the credentials of doctors. By ensuring that all information is up-to-date, patients can have confidence in the authenticity of their healthcare providers. It also helps regulatory bodies identify any irregularities or fraudulent activities associated with doctor registration numbers.

Efforts for Centralization

In recent years, efforts have been made by the NMC to centralize the updating process to streamline and standardize the information across states. This includes implementing an online platform where doctors and institutions can easily update their details. Centralization not only improves efficiency but also reduces errors or discrepancies in the registry.

By maintaining regular updates from reliable sources and encouraging active participation from healthcare institutions and individual doctors, the Indian Medical Registry continues to uphold its integrity as a trustworthy database for doctor registration numbers.

Searching for a Doctor’s Registration Number Across Multiple States in India Using Indian Medical Registry

Searching for a Doctor
When searching for a doctor’s registration number across multiple states in India using the Indian Medical Registry, it is important to follow specific steps to ensure accurate results. The process involves accessing the official website of the National Medical Commission (NMC) and using their search function.

First, visit the NMC website and navigate to the Indian Medical Registry section. Here, you can find the search option to enter the doctor’s details such as name, state, or registration number if known. It is advisable to provide as much accurate information as possible to narrow down the search results.

Once the search criteria are entered, click on the ‘Search’ button to initiate the process. The website will then display a list of doctors who match the provided information. From there, you can further filter the results by selecting specific states or other preferences.

It is important to note that while the Indian Medical Registry strives for accuracy, occasional discrepancies or errors may occur due to data entry mistakes or delays in updating. Therefore, it is recommended to cross-verify any registration numbers obtained from the registry with relevant state medical councils for added assurance.

Requirements and Documents Needed to Perform a Doctor Registration Number Check on National Medical Commission Website

Requirements and Documents Needed to Perform a Doctor Registration Number Check on National Medical Commission Website

In order to perform a doctor registration number check on the National Medical Commission (NMC) website, there are certain requirements and documents that need to be provided. Firstly, you will need access to a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity. This is essential for accessing the NMC website and conducting the registration number search.

Additionally, you will need the doctor’s registration number that you wish to verify. This registration number is typically provided by the respective state medical council or board at the time of registration. It serves as a unique identification for each doctor and is crucial for accurate verification on the NMC website.

Required Documents:

  • A computer or mobile device with internet connectivity
  • The doctor’s registration number
  • Access to the NMC website

Possible Penalties or Consequences of Invalid or Fraudulent Doctor Registration Numbers during Verification Process

During the verification process of doctor registration numbers, it is important to ensure that the provided information is accurate and valid. Any invalid or fraudulent registration numbers can have serious consequences both for the individual being verified and for those relying on their professional services.

If an invalid or fraudulent doctor registration number is discovered during the verification process, there can be legal repercussions. In some cases, it may result in criminal charges related to impersonation or providing false information. The individual may face penalties such as fines, imprisonment, or loss of professional credentials.

Possible Penalties:

  • Criminal charges for impersonation or providing false information
  • Fines imposed by regulatory authorities
  • Imprisonment depending on severity of offense
  • Potential loss of professional credentials

In conclusion, the doctor registration number check is a crucial tool for ensuring the authenticity and qualifications of medical professionals. By verifying a doctor’s registration number, patients can have peace of mind knowing they are receiving care from a licensed and trustworthy practitioner. This process serves as an important safeguard in maintaining the highest standards of healthcare quality and patient safety.

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