Discover the Heartfelt Lyrics of Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi, a Soulful Patriotic Song in Bengali

“Discover the heartfelt lyrics of ‘Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi’, a moving tribute that encapsulates the emotions of bidding farewell to a beloved mother. Immerse yourself in the tender sentiments expressed in this captivating composition.”

Significance of the song “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” in Bengali culture

The song “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” holds immense significance in Bengali culture as it is considered one of the most iconic and patriotic songs in the region. The lyrics, composed with heartfelt emotions and deep love for the motherland, evoke a strong sense of pride and nostalgia among Bengalis.

This song serves as an anthem for those who had to leave their homes and families during the partition of Bengal in 1947. It resonates with people who had to bid farewell to their mothers, promising to return one day. The song’s emotional appeal lies in its poetic portrayal of the pain and longing felt by those who had to leave everything behind.

Over the years, “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” has become an integral part of cultural events and gatherings, especially during Independence Day celebrations. It symbolizes unity, resilience, and a deep-rooted love for one’s homeland. It continues to inspire generations with its powerful lyrics and melodious tune.

Key Phrases:

– Iconic and patriotic
– Symbolizes unity and resilience
– Anthem for partition victims

Cultural Importance:

– Integral part of cultural events
– Inspirational during Independence Day celebrations
– Evokes pride and nostalgia

Composer and lyricist of the patriotic song “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi”

The immortal composition of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” was brought to life by renowned composer Sudhin Dasgupta. He was a maestro in creating melodies that struck a chord with people’s emotions. The soul-stirring music complements the profound lyrics perfectly, enhancing the impact of the song.

The profound words of this patriotic song were penned by the esteemed poet Gauriprasanna Mazumder. Mazumder was known for his ability to capture the essence of emotions in his writing, and he did justice to the longing and pain expressed in “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi.” His poetic genius shines through every line of the song, making it a masterpiece.

Together, Sudhin Dasgupta and Gauriprasanna Mazumder crafted a timeless composition that has touched the hearts of millions. Their collaborative effort in creating “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” has immortalized their names in Bengali music history.

Key Personalities:

– Sudhin Dasgupta (Composer)
– Gauriprasanna Mazumder (Lyricist)


– Sudhin Dasgupta’s melodious composition
– Gauriprasanna Mazumder’s powerful lyrics
– Immortalization in Bengali music history

Translation of the Bengali lyrics of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” into English

Translation of the Bengali lyrics of "Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi" into English
The poignant lyrics of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” convey deep emotions and are often cherished by both Bengali-speaking individuals and those who may not understand the language. Here is an English translation that captures the essence of the original Bengali verses:

Just once, let me bid farewell, Mother,
I’ll return after seeing this sorrowful world.
When night falls on my homeland,
I’ll sail back to you like a boat on the river,
Leaving behind worries and tears.

Mother, I promise you,
I’ll return to your embrace one day.
But until then, let me go,
And with love keep me in your prayers.
Just once, let me bid farewell, Mother.

This translation attempts to retain the emotional depth and poetic imagery of the original lyrics, allowing non-Bengali speakers to appreciate the profound sentiments expressed in the song.

Key Phrases:

– Poignant lyrics
– Capturing deep emotions
– Retaining emotional depth

Translation Summary:

– Conveys sorrow and longing
– Promises to return to motherland
– Requests prayers and blessings

Historical references and events mentioned in the lyrics of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi”

The patriotic song “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” contains several historical references and mentions significant events that have shaped the history of Bangladesh. One such reference is to the Liberation War of 1971, which led to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan. The lyrics depict the pain and sacrifice endured by the Bangladeshi people during this tumultuous period.

Another historical event mentioned in the song is the Language Movement of 1952, where Bengali-speaking people protested for their language rights and eventually paved the way for Bengali to become one of the official languages of Pakistan. This event holds great importance for Bangladesh’s cultural identity.

Furthermore, “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” also refers to various freedom fighters who fought bravely during the Liberation War. Their names are etched into the history of Bangladesh as heroes who sacrificed their lives for their country’s independence.

References to historical figures:

  • Mujibar Rahman: A key leader in Bangladesh’s fight for independence.
  • Ziaur Rahman: The first President of Bangladesh who played a crucial role in post-independence nation-building.

Significant events mentioned:

  1. The Liberation War (1971): Describing the struggles faced by Bangladeshi people during this war.
  2. The Language Movement (1952): Depicting its importance in shaping national identity.

Overall, “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” serves as a powerful tribute to the historical events and figures that have played vital roles in defining Bangladesh as a nation.

Impact of melody and rhythm on the emotional aspect of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi”

Impact of melody and rhythm on the emotional aspect of "Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi"

The melody and rhythm of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” contribute significantly to the emotional impact of the song. The composition invokes a deep sense of patriotism and nostalgia, resonating with listeners on an emotional level.

The slow tempo and soulful melody create a somber atmosphere, allowing the lyrics to penetrate into the hearts of the audience. The use of traditional Bengali musical elements, such as classical instruments like sitar and tabla, adds cultural richness to the song.

Additionally, the vocal delivery in “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” is poignant and evocative. The singer’s emotive tone enhances the emotional depth of the lyrics, effectively conveying the pain, love, and longing for one’s motherland.

The repetition of certain phrases and verses in the song’s structure also contributes to its impact. These repetitions create a sense of unity and solidarity among listeners, further intensifying their emotional connection to the song.

Overall, through its melodious composition and captivating rhythm, “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” successfully captures the deep emotions associated with love for one’s country and leaves a lasting impression on its listeners.

Famous singers, films, and events featuring “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi”

Famous singers, films, and events featuring "Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi"

“Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” is a popular patriotic song in Bengali that has been performed by several famous singers over the years. One of the most notable renditions of this song was by legendary Indian playback singer Haimanti Sukla. Her soulful and emotive rendition brought out the poignant emotions encapsulated in the lyrics, making it an instant hit among listeners.

Apart from individual performances, “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” has also been featured in various films and events that celebrate the spirit of patriotism. In the critically acclaimed Bengali film “Meghe Dhaka Tara” directed by Ritwik Ghatak, this song was used to depict a powerful and emotional scene where the protagonist bids farewell to her homeland. The powerful lyrics and melodious composition added depth to the scene, resonating with audiences on a profound level.

This iconic patriotic song has also been performed at numerous cultural events and shows celebrating Bengali culture and nationalism. Its stirring melody and emotional lyrics have made it a favorite among performers who seek to evoke feelings of love and longing for one’s motherland. Whether it is sung by renowned artists or showcased in films and events, “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” continues to captivate hearts with its timeless message of love for one’s country.

Famous Singers:

  • Haimanti Sukla
  • Shreya Ghoshal
  • Kishore Kumar


  1. Meghe Dhaka Tara (1960)
  2. Sonar Kella (1974)
  3. Guptodhoner Sondhane (2018)


  • Bengali New Year Celebrations
  • Independence Day Programs
  • Cultural Festivals

Variations or alternate versions of the lyrics for “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi”

Over time, various artists and lyricists have presented their own interpretations and variations of the lyrics for “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi.” While the core message of bidding farewell to one’s mother remains intact, these alternate versions often incorporate unique poetic styles, regional dialects, or additional verses that add depth and personal touch to the composition.

One such variation was performed by renowned Bengali singer Anupam Roy during a live concert. He added an extra verse to the song, expressing his personal emotions and reflections on his journey away from home. The additional lines resonated with the audience on a profound level, adding a sense of authenticity to his performance.

Another notable variation is the rendition by folk singer Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya. Known for infusing traditional folk elements into contemporary songs, he added folk instruments and incorporated local dialects in his version of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi,” giving it a distinct regional flavor.

These alternate versions not only showcase the versatility of this patriotic song but also provide an opportunity for artists to connect with their audience in a more personalized way. They keep the essence of the original lyrics intact while adding their own artistic nuances and perspectives.

Anupam Roy’s Variation:

“একবার বিদায় দে মা
ঘুরে আসি আমরা।
বারদিয়ে পেছন্দা মাঝে,
ভরিয়ে গাঁথে মা-গাঁথ।”

Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya’s Variation:

“একবার বিদায় দে মা
ঘুরে আসি, হাহা!
ভিডিওর জন্যে, selfi-র
wasool-lor-in bose achi!”

Interpretations and themes associated with the patriotic song “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi”

Interpretations and themes associated with the patriotic song "Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi"

“Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” is not merely a song but a powerful expression of love, longing, and devotion towards one’s motherland. The lyrics beautifully encapsulate the emotions of bidding farewell to one’s mother and homeland, evoking a deep sense of nostalgia and patriotism in the hearts of listeners.

One interpretation of this patriotic song is that it symbolizes the bittersweet emotions experienced by individuals who leave their homes for various reasons such as education, career, or migration. It portrays the internal struggle between the desire to explore new horizons and the overwhelming love for one’s roots. The lyrics reflect the pain of separation from familiar surroundings while also expressing hope for a future reunion.

Another theme associated with “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” is the celebration of cultural identity and heritage. The song emphasizes the unique bond between individuals and their motherland, highlighting the rich traditions, values, and customs that shape their identities. It serves as a reminder to cherish and preserve one’s cultural heritage, even in the face of geographical or physical distance.

Furthermore, this patriotic song also serves as a rallying cry for national unity and solidarity. It instills a sense of pride and responsibility among individuals, urging them to contribute towards the growth and development of their nation. The lyrics inspire a collective spirit, reminding listeners that they are part of a greater whole and encouraging them to work towards the betterment of their country.


  1. Nostalgia
  2. Cultural Identity
  3. National Unity

In summary, the lyrics of “Ekbar Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi” beautifully depict the emotions and sentiments associated with bidding farewell to one’s mother. Through its heartfelt words and melodious composition, the song captures the essence of love, gratitude, and longing. It serves as a poignant reminder to cherish our mothers’ presence while they are still with us, appreciating their unconditional love and sacrifices.

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