Curtis Jackson ‘Nancy Mace Husband’ Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Instagram, Job, Net Worth 2021

Curtis Jackson Nancey Mace husband

Curtis Jackson gained prominence as the husband of U.S. Representative Nancy Mace who has been serving South Carolina’s 1st congressional district since 2021. 

Rep. Nancy Mace recently joined her fellow representatives in a vote to oust Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA-14) from her committee assignments. At 230-199, the vote was nearly a party-line vote, with just 11 Republicans on the Democrats’ side voting.

Nancy Mace, along with other members from Republican South Carolina, both stood for their party line. The Congresswoman of the Low Country considered the vote a waste of Congress’ time and said she would not vote against Rep. Greene until members of the Democratic Party were granted a similar vote for their actions. She said, 

One party stripping a member of another party of his or her committee assignments for comments made before taking office has never been done before. I’d consider a motion of this nature the same day Speaker Pelosi takes the same action against her own members…

Curtis Jackson wife
Curtis Jackson’s ex-wife Nancy Mace

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Curtis Jackson Nancy Mace Husband Quick Facts

Full Name Curtis Jackson
Birthdate N/A
Birthplace The United States
Age The 40s
Height N/A
Nationality American
Profession/Job Chief Technology Officer
Married/Wife Nancy Mace (ex)
Children Two

Who is Curtis Jackson? Wiki / Biography

Following his wedding with the U.S. Representative Nancy Mace, Curtis Jackson became a household name.

At the moment, there is little or no information on Nancy Mace’s ex-husband Curtis Jackson’s parents, childhood, and siblings. But we will try to update it as soon as possible. 

As per his Linkedin profile, Curtis Jackson went to Central Connecticut State University. Later, he attended the University of Connecticut where he studied Finance. From 1998 to 2000, Mr. Jackson attended Georgia State University – J. Mack Robinson College of Business.

Curtis Jackson and Nancy Mace Relationship

As of now, Curtis Jakcon is no longer married to his businesswoman wife Nancy Mace. Plus, the couple got married in 2004 and parted ways in 2019 with a divorce. 

With his ex-wife Nancy Mace, Curtis Jackson shares two children – a son named Miles and a daughter named Ellison. The children are being raised by their mother and sometimes appear on her Instagram posts. 

Curtis Jackson job
Curtis Jackson’s ex-wife Nancy Mace with their children

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Besides, Nancy Mace criticized her political opponents for looking for personal ways to attack her credibility in an article Nancy wrote on her website. She wrote, 

The Left appears it will stoop at any level to hurt me and my family, digging for dirt all the way back to my teenage years,

In addition to that, there was no attempt by Nancy to portray herself as perfect. Instead, she laid her imperfections bare and criticized the individuals who wanted to tarnish her name:

I wasn’t the perfect wife. Don’t tell my kids this, but I’m not the perfect mom. Every day I try to do my best, but even on my best day, I’m still not perfect. And anyone who tells you they are is being dishonest.

Currently, Curtis Jackson’s former wife Nancy Mace resides, on Daniel Island, in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Curtis Jackson Nancy Mace Husband Age / Birthday

Considering his looks, Curtis Jackson age might be in the 40s. Unfortunately, the exact date of his birthday is still under the wrap which will be revealed soon. 

What Does Nancy Mace Husband Curtis Jackson Do For a Living?

According to his Linkedin profile, Nancy Mace’s ex-husband, Curtis Jackson currently serves as a Chief Technology Officer at Obie – “a tech-enabled insurance and risk management platform for real estate investors”. He has been working at Obie since September 2020.

Additionally, Mr. Jackson is the owner of Jackson Technologies which provides enterprises across different sectors and business functions with consultancy services and personalized software application development. 

Nancy Mace And Curtis Jackson Picture Together

Nancy Mace husband
Curtis Jackson with his wife Nancy Mace and their children

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How Much Is Curtis Jackson Net Worth? 

Mr. Jackson earns a decent amount of salary as a Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he worked at Benefitfocus as a Director of Engineering, Global Services, and at Export Tax Management as Chief Technology Officer. 

Mr. Jackson also held a job at Coca-Cola company as an application development lead. As of 2021, Nancy Mace’s ex-husband Curtis Jackson net worth is under review. However, his total earning is estimated to be over $100, 000 dollars. 



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