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Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters wiki

The spoilers of 1000-lb Sisters show Chris Slaton getting into a fight with his sister Amy Slaton. And he ends up slapping her in the head. He does this while lying down next to her on the sofa and when she’s pregnant.

The 1000-lb Sisters family visited the aquarium. Amy claims that Tammy, Chris’s other sister,  looks like a “beluga whale”. And she says this because Tammy’s forehead and the beluga whale’s forehead look “just alike.” 

Tammy says she would be “the beluga whale” if she were a whale. Then, Chris Slaton says that in the aquarium tank there are three beluga whales. He says that the big white one is Tammy. And he claims that the little gray one is Amy.

Next, Amy Slaton claims she has no fat forehead at all. Chris Slaton tells her, “you wanna bet?” Then, in the forehead, he slaps Amy Slaton. The 1000-lb Sisters family all erupt with laughter.

Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters Wiki / Biography

Following his appearance on the TLC’s tv program 1000-lb Sisters, Chris Slaton became a household name. On the show, his sisters Amy and Tammy are trying to lose their over 1,000 pounds weight to pursue their dreams. The 1000-lb Sisters family resides in Kentucky, USA. 

Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters age
1000-lb Sisters’: Chris Slaton (left) and his sister Amy Slaton (right)

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Chris Slaton and his sisters were raised by their single mother Darlene. Even if both sisters were of normal weight when they were young, during their teen years, life changed for the two. Their grandma passed away when Amy was 10 years old, which had a real influence on the Pair. Amy Slaton shared, 

My mom worked two to three jobs at a time, and my grandma was basically our mom. When she died, our whole world changed.

Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters Parents

Born to Darlene Slaton, Chris Slaton’s mother was married to his step-father Robert “Frank” Rednour. However, on January 6 this year, Chris’s step-father passed away with an unknown cause of death. 

Chris Slaton '1000-lb Sisters' parents
Chris Slaton ‘1000-lb Sisters’ parents

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Darlene Slaton, Tammy and Amy’s mother, wasn’t always the kindest to her daughters. One of the most heartbreaking moments captured during 1000-lb Sisters was when Darlene chose not to turn up for the wedding of Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman.

Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters Siblings

On 1000-lb Sisters, the stricter sibling Chris Station helps out both of his sisters Amy (born 1988) and Tammy Slaton (1987). His sisters are taking therapy to work on their food addiction together.

The Slaton sisters were still relying on each other for assistance, weighing over a thousand pounds. Still, in their thirties, Amy wants to have babies, but she can’t because of her weight, when her older sister, Tammy, is near bedridden. In order to lose weight and help Tammy too, Chris agreed he would take the weight loss journey himself.

Both of his sisters gained fame through YouTube. Amy established a YouTube channel in 2011 where she posted pictures of her sister, Tammy, which were light-hearted. The pair tried the “Chubby Bunny Challenge” in 2014.

The purpose of the challenge is to stuff marshmallows, one at a time, into one’s mouth and utter the expression “chubby bunny.” The video went viral quickly and on the internet, the sisters found success.

Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters siblings
1000-lb Sisters: the Slaton Sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton

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Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters Girlfriend / Dating

It looks like Chris Slaton is neither married nor dating anyone at the moment. He is willing to help out his sisters to lose weight and to undergo the weight loss journey himself. 

There is rarely any news on 1000-lb Sisters Chris Slaton and often appears helping his sister on the tv program. As of now, nothing could be said about his relationship status. There’s a possibility of him having a girlfriend or even married. 

Anyway, let’s not jump to conclusions. The fans and viewers will get to know more about Amy and Tammy’s brother Chris Slaton through the TV program. Until then, stay to get the latest updates on Chris Slaton. 

Chris Slaton Instagram

It seems the 100-lb Sisters’ Chris Slaton is not active on social media platforms. Even if he is, we could not trace his account. But we will try to update it as soon as possible. 

Chris Slaton 1000-lb Sisters Net Worth 2021

Since Chris Slaton’s career background, and the job is unknown, his salary and income are quite a mystery. As a result, Chris Slaton net worth in 2021 is still unavailable. But we will try to update it as soon as the information gets available.

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