8 best property management apps

As a landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities.

In addition to making sure your property is safe, clean, and habitable for your tenants, you have financial, legal, and privacy obligations as well, like paying the property’s insurance and taxes and giving your tenants proper notice before entering their residence.

You also need to maintain the property by keeping up with repairs — from clogged drains and gutters to water leaks and damage — and following safety regulations. Whether you manage one property or multiple — in-state, out-of-state, or a mix of both — one of the best ways to oversee it all is through a property management app.

The right property management app can help you stay on top of your most important tasks:

  • Collect rent safely and securely online
  • Receive and track maintenance requests
  • Perform property inspections
  • Record expenses, digitize receipts, and automate accounting reports
  • Administer and manage online rental applications
  • Market your vacant properties
  • Incorporate background and credit checks to screen prospective tenants

Here are eight of the best property management apps on the market:

1. Jotform Apps

Online app builder Jotform Apps lets you build and customize your own property management app with forms, links, and elements — offering templates for smoke detector inspection, home maintenance, property inspection, and real estate apps, to name a few. It’s powerful, intuitive, straightforward, and, best of all, completely code free, allowing you to design the exact app you need to successfully manage your properties.

Smoke Detector Inspection App
Smoke Detector Inspection App

To create your app, simply drag and drop forms (like property and tenant information, rental inspection, and job work order forms) into it, customize the design to match your brand, and share it via a link, email, or QR code for easy access — anytime and anywhere.

2. Buildium

user interface of buildium

Designed for property managers by property managers, cloud-based property management software Buildium lets you collect rent through a tenant portal, manage your vacancies, assign maintenance requests to managers and staff, and complete general ledger accounting. It’s straightforward and easy to use, and it includes a ticket-based customer support system to assist with any user issues or concerns.

3. AppFolio

user interface of appfolio property manager

From helping you with accounting and maintenance to marketing and utilities management, AppFolio has all the features you need to be a successful landlord, whether you manage residential buildings, commercial buildings, or student housing.

With renter portals; online applications, leases, and payments; property listings management, and work order generation, AppFolio gives you the ability to both control your assets and grow your business through one centralized platform. Plus, since you only have to pay for the features you actually use, AppFolio lets you customize your experience based on the type of service you want to provide and how you want to run your business.

4. Yardi Breeze

user interface of yardi breeze

Cloud-based software Yardi Breeze lets you manage your properties, rental applications, tenant and vendor payments, and maintenance requests from anywhere on any device. It’s simple, affordable, and easy to set up and use, regardless of how many properties you own or years of experience you have. And thanks to its built-in accounting system — which lets you track both your revenue and expenses — you can monitor your financial performance more comprehensively.

5. PayHOA

user interface of payhoa

With all-in-one property management app PayHOA, landlords can collect dues; manage units; generate and share financial reports; create, send, and analyze tenant surveys; and track and manage maintenance requests.

PayHOA is powerful, innovative, affordable, and, most importantly, simple to use and easy to understand. It also facilitates connection with tenants and vendors via mass emails, short message service (SMS), automatic phone calls, and physical mailers and invoices.

6. Landlordy

landlordy landing page

Another great property management app is Landlordy, the digital platform that easily integrates with your smartphone camera, email, and messaging features to streamline your communication and business processes.

With Landlordy, you can log expenses; collect and manage rent payments; organize contact information, photos, and related documents; and manage maintenance checklists. Plus, thanks to its scheduling feature, you can set up reminders for outstanding payments or upcoming safety checks so you don’t miss any important deadlines or dates.

7. RentRedi

user interface of rentredi

Whether you need to send in-app notifications, prescreen prospective tenants, collect mobile payments, categorize and prioritize maintenance requests, send and receive rental applications — or all of the above — property management app RentRedi has you covered. You can even list your available properties with popular real estate marketplace sites like and Zillow, helping you find best-fit tenants.

8. Landlord Studio

landlord studio landing page

Landlord Studio can ease your tax season woes, thanks to its digitized receipts, professional financial reporting, and automated rent collection. Though it helps you track your rental income and expenses, Landlord Studio is more than just an accounting tool. With it, you can oversee your tenants and properties by managing rental applications, running prescreening reports, and sharing your open listings across the marketplace.

Managing a property — regardless of size — is stressful, especially with the various tenants, vendors, and neighbors you have to interact with. But with the right property management app, you can relieve some of the pressure. Use this list as a jumping-off point to find the best app for your particular business needs.

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